The International Society of Boredom Studies

Thanks to the initiative of dr Josefa Ros Velasco from Complutense University of Madrid The International Society of Boredom has been launched. After several years of day-dreaming (boredom?), organizational work and boredom networking, the first and only society dedicated to promote and disseminate multidisciplinary research on boredom has finally been established. Collecting the international body of boredom researchers and experts it is to “facilitate the advancement and distribution of knowledge concerning boredom, give visilibity and access to scientific papers on boredom published (…) worldwide, and disseminate information regarding activities related to the study of boredom” (in Boredom Society).

Against the popularized opinion (see for instance Daily Mail), the foundation of the Society had nothing to the pandemic of Covid’19. The boredom studies had been the established area of research long before the recent epidemic and lockdown. Yet, the timing is significant – we need boredom studies now more than ever!

To join the Society contact us by mail or fill out online contact form. Joining the Society is free of charge and is associated with the below benefits:

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