Civitas on Air – Podcast on Boredom

The translation of the interview with Mariusz Finkielsztein – Civitas on Air (2021, June 14). Nuda w domu, nuda w pracy… Co robić? [Boredom at home, boredom at work… What to do?] [Podcast]. Roland Zarzycki: Today, together with my guest, Mariusz Finkielsztein, we will talk about why we all think we know what boredom…

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Strategic Boredom: The Case of Refugees

Our paper on the Experience and Dynamics of Boredom in Refugee Camp has been published in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography! The issue of refugees has been covered by media in recent years exponentially, but the boredom of a refugee camp has not been analyzed yet (although mentioned frequently). The…

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The pandemic has powerfully revealed something that has generally remained hidden – boredom lurking in every corner (of our homes). But do we really know what it actually is?Following various discussions about boredom on the Internet or among friends as a boredom researcher, I notice that people often misunderstand this…

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EMOTIONS in the public and everyday life of modern societies DEADLINE: 27.06.2021 THEMATIC EDITOR OF THE ISSUE: dr Maja Sawicka (University of Warsaw) The recent years in social sciences and humanities have been a period of increased interest in the emotional aspects of human activity. Behind this peculiar “affective turn”…

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