Boredom Matters #1 – The ISBS Podcast

The International Society of Boredom Studies‘ podcast has been launched! Produced by ISBS, created and hosted by Annie Runkel. In the first episode, Annie Runkel speaks to the psychologist Eric Igou, the philosopher Andreas Elpidorou, the sociologist Mariusz Finkielsztein and the architecture scholar Christian Parreño to hear their take on the phenomenon of boredom andContinue reading “Boredom Matters #1 – The ISBS Podcast”

Civitas on Air – Podcast on Boredom

The translation of the interview with Mariusz Finkielsztein – Civitas on Air (2021, June 14). Nuda w domu, nuda w pracy… Co robić? [Boredom at home, boredom at work… What to do?] [Podcast]. Roland Zarzycki: Today, together with my guest, Mariusz Finkielsztein, we will talk about why we all think we know what boredom is and why we areContinue reading “Civitas on Air – Podcast on Boredom”

What mindless scrolling does to you? [YouTube]

Have social media, smartphones and digital technology robbed us of the benefits of boredom? In this video, Taha from Answer in Progress explores if there is a hidden value to boredom by, well… being very bored (but not at all boring!). Turns out, he was thinking about boredom all wrong and learns that there areContinue reading “What mindless scrolling does to you? [YouTube]”

Are the times of blissful laziness or unbearable boredom coming? Boredom, work and free time

Transcription and translation of the Rozmowy Równoległe Podcast. My guest is dr Mariusz Finkielsztein, a sociologist and ‘boredologist’ from Collegium Civitas. Let’s start our conversation with what boredom is and where it comes from? It is commonly believed that boredom occurs when we have too much free time and do not know what to doContinue reading “Are the times of blissful laziness or unbearable boredom coming? Boredom, work and free time”