Boredom Matters #1 – The ISBS Podcast

The International Society of Boredom Studies‘ podcast has been launched! Produced by ISBS, created and hosted by Annie Runkel.

In the first episode, Annie Runkel speaks to the psychologist Eric Igou, the philosopher Andreas Elpidorou, the sociologist Mariusz Finkielsztein and the architecture scholar Christian Parreño to hear their take on the phenomenon of boredom and answering the question: if there is one fact about boredom you could share, what would it be? She is also joined by the president of the International Society of Boredom Studies, Josefa Ros Velasco.

Available also at SoundCloud.

This podcast is dedicated to the surprisingly interesting phenomenon of boredom. Each episode brings together experts from boredom studies to discuss their latest research, share insights and shed some light on the question what boredom is all about.


Twitter: @BoredomSociety

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