Civitas on Air – Podcast on Boredom

The translation of the interview with Mariusz Finkielsztein – Civitas on Air (2021, June 14). Nuda w domu, nuda w pracy… Co robić? [Boredom at home, boredom at work… What to do?] [Podcast]. Roland Zarzycki: Today, together with my guest, Mariusz Finkielsztein, we will talk about why we all think we know what boredom is and why we areContinue reading “Civitas on Air – Podcast on Boredom”

What mindless scrolling does to you? [YouTube]

Have social media, smartphones and digital technology robbed us of the benefits of boredom? In this video, Taha from Answer in Progress explores if there is a hidden value to boredom by, well… being very bored (but not at all boring!). Turns out, he was thinking about boredom all wrong and learns that there areContinue reading “What mindless scrolling does to you? [YouTube]”

The International Society of Boredom Studies

Thanks to the initiative of dr Josefa Ros Velasco from Complutense University of Madrid The International Society of Boredom has been launched. After several years of day-dreaming (boredom?), organizational work and boredom networking, the first and only society dedicated to promote and disseminate multidisciplinary research on boredom has finally been established. Collecting the international bodyContinue reading “The International Society of Boredom Studies”

Strategic Boredom: The Case of Refugees

Our paper on the Experience and Dynamics of Boredom in Refugee Camp has been published in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography! The issue of refugees has been covered by media in recent years exponentially, but the boredom of a refugee camp has not been analyzed yet (although mentioned frequently). The paper examines three modalities ofContinue reading “Strategic Boredom: The Case of Refugees”

Presentations from The Boredom Conference now available!

The 4th edition of Boredom Conference has ended. Yet, all presentations are now available to watch on YouTube channel of The International Society of Boredom Studies. Below the presentation of Mariusz Finkielsztein “Disdained or Psychologized: Towards the Sociological Definition of Boredom.” Enjoy watching!

Are the times of blissful laziness or unbearable boredom coming? Boredom, work and free time

Transcription and translation of the Rozmowy Równoległe Podcast. My guest is dr Mariusz Finkielsztein, a sociologist and ‘boredologist’ from Collegium Civitas. Let’s start our conversation with what boredom is and where it comes from? It is commonly believed that boredom occurs when we have too much free time and do not know what to doContinue reading “Are the times of blissful laziness or unbearable boredom coming? Boredom, work and free time”


The 4th edition of International Interdisciplinary Boredom Conference is here to come very soon. We are pleased to invite all for online conference experience at GOOGLE MEET. We start 24th June at 10 AM Madrid Time. We are pleased to inform that our keynote speakers are the most prominent experts on boredom: John Eastwood (YorkContinue reading “4th BOREDOM CONFERENCE (24-26 JUNE 2021)”


The pandemic has powerfully revealed something that has generally remained hidden – boredom lurking in every corner (of our homes). But do we really know what it actually is?Following various discussions about boredom on the Internet or among friends as a boredom researcher, I notice that people often misunderstand this phenomenon and divide themselves intoContinue reading “BOREDOM MYTHS 1: “Everybody knows what boredom is” or DOES EVERYBODY SEES WHAT BOREDOM (ACTUALLY) IS?”


EMOTIONS in the public and everyday life of modern societies DEADLINE: 27.06.2021 THEMATIC EDITOR OF THE ISSUE: dr Maja Sawicka (University of Warsaw) The recent years in social sciences and humanities have been a period of increased interest in the emotional aspects of human activity. Behind this peculiar “affective turn” within the social sciences (seeContinue reading “CALL FOR PAPERS: EMOTIONS”